Make your own Spoooooooky Muffins!

Halloween Muffins
24th October 2017

Make your own Spooky Muffins!

Here’s a super speedy ready-made recipe to make your own spooky muffins in time for this Halloween…… no tricks, just delicious treats!


A box of your favourite Blackfriars Monster Muffins (we went for Chocolate & Orange to keep with the Halloween theme!)

Ready to roll icing  - Orange

Ready to roll icing - Green

Ready to roll icing – White

Ready to roll icing – Black

  • Take each muffin out of the film and put half to one side for ‘Pumpkins’ and the other half for ‘Ghosts’.
  • Roll out the orange icing and cover the entire muffin pressing down and smoothing all around the muffin. Use a knife to make a vertical line indent all the way round the pumpkin.
  • With the green icing, cut a small piece off and shape to form a stalk top for the pumpkin.
  • Cut three very small pieces of black icing and shape to make two pumpkin eyes and a mouth.
  • With the remaining undecorated muffins, roll out the white icing and cover each muffin from top to bottom, pressing down the icing and smoothing all over. Make some spooky arms for the ghosts with the icing cut offs, these can be any shape or size you like.
  • Cut three small pieces of black icing and use this to make a face for your spooky ghost muffins.
  • Plate them up for a spookily treat for all the family… Happy Halloween!  

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