Fabulous Flapjacks

What makes flapjacks so awesome?

The main ingredient for flapjacks is oats, oats and more oats! 

In addition to the main oat ingredient, typical ingredients for flapjacks include margarine or butter and a sugar syrup. You can mix most ingredients in to make the flapjack flavour of your choice including dried fruit, nuts, seeds, flavouring, chocolate and much more.

Blackfriars bakes over 20 delicious flapjack flavours, all suitable for vegetarians and 6 delicious vegan flapjacks. Flapjacks can be known to have a generous calorie content, which means they are an excellent meal skipper for people on the go and great for boosting daily energy levels.

How to make the perfect home-made flapjack

Check out the following home-made recipes, advice and tips from our top in-house bakers for how to make flapjacks in your own kitchen in our exclusive 'Recipe Ideas' page.

If you have a fab home-baked flapjack recipe, then why not share it and send it into us. And if your recipe gets featured on our recipe blog, we will send you out a little 'thank you' treat.  

How to store flapjacks at home

Our Blackfriars flapjacks are all individually wrapped and are stuiable for ambient conditions with a great long life. Once opened, (it is hard to resist not eating the full bar), but if you decide to save it, the flapjack will keep in an air-tight container for 1 - 2 days. You can freeze the flapjacks on purchase if you want to, but if so we would recommend that it is not frozen for more than 12 months, and once thawed consumed within 1 week.