Marvellous Muffins

At Blackfriars Bakery we bake deliciously moreish muffins in a variety of 10 different flavours.  Blackfriars Muffins are made with our specially blended flour to give them their distinctive rise and soft texture.

What Makes our Muffins so Marvellous?

Aside from a variety of 10 different flavours, Blackfriars Muffins are deliciously soft and full of flavour.   We have a fantastic selection of un-topped muffins, featuring our best selling chocolate chip muffin and blueberry muffin.  For those with a real sweet tooth,  we have our range of decadent topped muffins, iced with chocolate or fondant and filled with sweet centres. And lets not forget, all of our muffins are suitable for Vegetarians and are made using only sustainably sourced palm oil.

Since our muffins are so marvellous we've created mixed muffin boxes so that you can try a variety of flavours. Our Monster Muffin Mix 1 features 3 delicious chocolate muffins - Monster Chocolate, Monster White Chocolate and Chocolate Caramel.  Monster Mix 2 has an indulgent mix of Cherry Bakewell, Chocolate & Orange and Black Forest Muffins.  And lastly our Standard Muffin Mix which features our best selling Chocolate Chip, Blueberry and Cherry Muffins. 

How to Store our Muffins

All of our muffins are ambient therefore are easy to store as they don't need refrigerating to maintain their fantastic long shelf life. Simply store in a dry place at room temperature and your muffins will stay fresh for up to 3 months, or until their best before date.  All of the Blackfriars muffins come individually wrapped making them perfect for on the go snack attacks or as a naughty tea time treat at home.  If you wish to freeze our muffins we recommend that you consume them within 2-3 days of defrosting.

Muffin Recipe Tips and Tricks

For delicious muffin recipes to try at home why not visit our Recipe Ideas section.  If you have a fab home-baked muffin recipe, why not send it into us, and if your recipe gets featured on our recipe blog, we will send you out a little 'thank you' treat.  

For those not quite brave enough to bake, here's a couple of cheeky suggestions to turn your Blackfriars Muffins into a delicious homemade dessert:-

1) Take 1 Blackfriars Chocolate Caramel Muffin, place in a microwavable bowl, heat for 30 seconds and then serve whilst still hot as a chocolate caramel sundae with creamy custard or vanilla ice-cream, and a squirt of whipped cream.

2) Need to make a speedy chocolate trifle?  You will need:- x4 Blackfriars Chocolate Chip Muffins, Fresh Raspberries, Ready Made Custard (Chocolate or Vanilla, a half a bar of chocolate and Whipping Cream.

Slice each chocolate muffin into 4 pieces and use to layer the bottom of a trifle bowl.  Heat the custard gently until boiling.  In the mean time layer on top of the chopped muffins the fresh raspberries, and pour the ready made custard on top once ready.  Cling film the bowl and chill for an hour until the custard has set.  Whilst the trifle is chilling, whip the cream until stiff and grate the chocolate.  Top the trifle with a generous layer of cream and sprinkle with the chocolate shavings.  Serve and enjoy.