The Local Gym | Blackfriars

17th June 2020

The Local Gym

It may not be the summer that you envisaged but the team at Blackfriars are firm believers that with every cloud there is a silver lining and a rainbow…

Staying at home has forced us to be a bit more creative with the ways in which we spend our time and expend our energy. One of which is discovering walks in our local area. A member of our beloved B’friars’ team describes how she appreciates her village and local community more than ever since lockdown began. “It’s a funny thing. You always take for granted what is directly on your doorstep until the unthinkable happens. I’ve never thought of myself as a runner or a rambler, except for the regular jaunt in Bradgate Park. It’s only when everything closed down that I realised what I was missing.” To compensate for this, she donned her trainers and started re-discovering routes in her local area, accompanied by a bottle of water and one of our protein-packed Lumberjacks, of course!

We’ve also seen on social media how many people are, possibly for the first time, really making the most of their gardens and reconnecting with nature. Why not host your own sports day with a traditional egg and spoon race? Or see who can do the most keepie-uppies in a minute with a tennis ball and racquet? There is also an abundance of Apps available to suggest walks in your area, keep you motivated and track your progress (Strava, Seven, Go Jauntly, Ramblr, Komoot, Geocaching®… to name but a few) We suggest flapjacks or protein-packed lumberjacks just before a long walk, hike or run rewarded by a delicious muffin and a cup of tea on your return!

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