Off to University, stay full with Blackfriars | Blackfriars

25th September 2019

Are you or someone special to you off to University soon?  Although an exciting time it can also be a very stressful time for both student and parents. With lots of packing, shopping and organising, we want to make sure that sorting out your snacks on the go is not one of them.

We know that is not easy but it’s crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst studying. Our flapjack bars are perfect for busy student lifestyle on the go. They will help you to keep you fuelled for longer and food energy you need on the go whilst studying, working, exercising and travelling to home or university.

Oats so good, all of our flapjacks are packed with oats which will help you to keep fuller for longer.

Share a box with new friends. We have a huge variety of flavours that are vegetarian friendly and a selection of vegan friendly flavours too. You can order a box of 25 flapjack bars for just £14.99 or £5.49 for a 5 pack jack in the box delivered direct to your door. We also have a selection of mixed flavour boxes including Best Sellers, Indulgence Collection and Vegan Variety.  

If you want to look for a smaller flapjack bite, our Multipack Flapjacks are the perfect lunchbox addition. 5 x 30g mini bars in a box. Available in five of our best-selling flavours: Original, Chocolate, Bakewell, Fruit  & Yoghurt.

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