Meet ‘The Fab Five’

Fab Five Flapjacks
17th May 2022

Our FAB FIVE flapjacks are a range of exciting flavours and are ready to be delivered direct to your door.


Birthday Cake


Chocolate & Orange (vegan friendly)


Salted Caramel


Cookies 'n' Cream


Raspberry & White Chocolate


Vegetarian friendly and made in our Leicestershire bakery, right here in the UK. Which FAB FIVE flapjack flavour will you be trying next? Or are you going to try them all? Share your comments and feedback with us, we would love to hear from you Instagram @bfriars, Facebook @blackfriarsbakery, Twitter @blackfriarsbake


Buy our Fab 5 mixed selection flapjack box x 25 for just £23.49 (*does not include delivery charge)


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