Fred’s Festival Survival Guide

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27th May 2016

Fred’s Festival Survival Guide

British Summertime is here and that can only mean one thing – pop-up tents, rain-proof jackets and wellies at the ready! 

After waking up at ridiculous o’clock, screamed at your desktop for crashing on several occasions and then incorrectly inputting your credit card details, you finally have your golden ticket to your chosen festival and are almost set to go.  But, before you head out for your three days of bohemian free-loving hedonism, here are a few essentials that Fred doesn’t leave the Friary without…

Purse/Wallet – with ID, Cash (£200-300, depending on how extravagant you want to be and also see if the festival allows you to BYOB) and Credit Cards (safer than Debit and easier to query any dodgy transactions)

Mobile Phone – An extra battery is always handy.

Your Fellow Festival Fiend’s Digits Written on a Piece of Paper – Old School, yes.  But unless you are Rain Man and in case you run out of battery, lose your phone, have your phone stolen and you get separated…

A Small Day Bag/Bum Bag* – For those essentials that won’t fit in your pocket.

*Fred says they’re going to make a big comeback. 

Tent – Give it a good once over before you set off and make sure there aren’t any holes for water/creepy crawlies/UFOs to fall into and that it will close properly when you need to catch some Zs.

Sleeping Bag and Roll Mat – Best to invest a little extra for these.  Comfort is King!  And make sure it has a thermal liner…you don’t want your little tootsies getting cold on those clear starry nights.

Clothing – Habit, Sunglasses, Clean Underwear, Flip Flops and Wellies.

Blackfriars Flapjacks – Don’t miss out on your favourite bands and keep hunger at bay with a selection of your favourite flavours. Easy to carry a flapjack in your back pocket/bum bag. The perfect travel & snack companion!

Sun cream (A.K.A ‘Sunscreen’ to our American cousins) – “To the class of ’99; wear sunscreen”  If you’ve never listened to this, then do it now!!!

Wet Wipes – You can never have enough…particularly late in the day when those portaloos ain’t looking pretty.

Hand Sanitiser – Need we say more?

Be Safe and Be Festival Happy!