Blackfriars launches New Peace 4 Ukraine Flapjack Bar

24th August 2022

Legendary Leicester based flapjack maker Blackfriars Bakery has launched a one off online exclusive  ‘Peace 4 Ukraine’ Chocolate Chip Oat Flapjack with 50% of sales being donated directly to help Ukrainian humanitarian efforts .

The appeal has special relevance given the family-owned bakery has strong Ukrainian heritage, with its owner and Managing Director Mike Madylus being of direct Ukrainian descent.

Mike Madylus :   “Since the start of this barbaric and unjustified war in Ukraine, we have been supplying charitable flapjack provisions to help fuel the brave and heroic men and women in Ukraine. I wanted Blackfriars to do something more to help and involve our customers and the public to buy our Peace 4 Ukraine flapjack and help to raise necessary monetary donations for Ukraine humanitarian efforts.”

The exclusive flapjack bar which can only be bought online from the Blackfriars online store hopes to play a small part in keeping Ukraine in the heart and minds of the public. 

We also hope that customers will enjoy the new chocolate chip flavor we have added to the range which is both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Donations will be made directly by Blackfriars Bakery to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal via the Disasters Emergency Commitee.

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Tamara Madylus with father and MD Mike Madylus