A Good Habit to Get Into... | Blackfriars

Blackfriars Street
10th August 2020

A Good Habit to Get Into...

If you have ever wondered who that cool dude sporting the sunglasses on our company logo is, then meet Fred the Friar.  Fred has been our iconic friar since the early 90s, evolving his look and style over the decades.  The inspiration for his creation is steeped in English history surrounding the location of our original manufacturing site.  Blackfriars Street was once home to the Dominican Friars, a monastic order of Catholic preachers, who were and sometimes still are referred to as Black Friars because of the black cappa or cloak they wear over their white habits.  They were just down the road from the Greyfriars - the medieval Franciscan Friary where Richard III was originally buried.

The Blackfriars came to Leicester in the mid-13th century and established themselves in an existing church, St Clement's, which was constructed on an island formed by the River Soar.  The friary was officially founded in 1284 by the Earl of Leicester. It was dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII as part of the dissolution of the monasteries and the church was demolished soon after being surrendered in November 1538. It is on this site where our first factory was founded and where the company name and logo are derived.  Pretty cool, eh?   We like to think that the Friars would be very pleased with our selection of Vegetarian and Vegan sweet treats.  

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