8 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day | Blackfriars

27th January 2020

8 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day | Blackfriars



It’s still cold outside, and a new pair of cosy slippers make a perfect gift for anyone on Valentine’s Day. A great excuse to put your feet up together and keep warm and snug whilst indulging in your favourite box of chocolates.


Who wouldn’t love to receive a box of their favourite chocolaty treats? If your special Valentine is not a chocoholic, then there are plenty of other options like toffees, sweets, cupcakes or a fruit basket, perfect sweets for your sweet.

Scrapbook Photo Album

A lovingly home-made Valentine’s gift for him or her to remember your favourite moments you’ve spent together. Put in some photos, personalise them, or write a comment next to every photo to capture those precious memories and make them last longer.


Looking to splash the cash on someone special, who wouldn’t like to receive a piece of jewellery for Valentine’s day? You could choose from a ring, necklace, brooch, earrings, bracelet, watch or a new watch strap. A heart pendant would fit the theme perfectly for your special lady.

A Plant

We all know that roses are Valentine’s Day florals, but why not get that someone special a new house or desk plant, you don’t need to be green figured to appreciate a fresh new plant. 

Drink gift set

There are lots of special drink gift sets, which include non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.  It’s a perfect opportunity to explore new flavours and tastes of your favourite drink. Enjoy this with your partner and compare which one you prefer the best.

Personalised gifts

There are plenty of ideas on the online marketplace for personalised gifts. It can be a poster, keyring, jewellery, socks, mugs, canvas pic, sports accessories, or kitchen utensils. You name it; it’s out there.

Blackfriars Treat Box

Everyone deserves a sweet baked treat. Our treat boxes that are picked and packed delivered directly to your door, including an indulgent selection of our favourite bakery products, including Flapjacks, Cookies, Muffins, and Cake Slices. There are 3 flavour options available for our treat box – ‘Choc & Toffee’, ‘Favourites’ and ‘Fruity’. It makes a perfect gift for him or her on Valentine’s Day and to share together.