Tasty Traybakes

Tasty Traybakes

We have been making our very own traybakes for over 10 years in our bakery, with 7 delicious traybake products to choose from.

How our traybakes are made

All of our existing traybakes have an indulgent chocolaty recipe, and did you know none of them are actually baked in the oven, but cold pressed in the refrigerator?

All the ingredients are added one by one and then mixed on a gentle speed to make sure it’s all combined. The mix is then deposited into each traybake, pressed and left in the refrigerator to cool before being cut into 12 squares, flo-wrapped and packed into the warehouse.

How to store our tray bakes

All of our products are ambient therefore easy to store as they don't need refrigerating to maintain their generous long shelf life. Simply store in a cool dry place at room temperature away from sunlight and your traybake will stay fresh for up to 6 months or until their best before date. If you wish to freeze our traybakes, we recommend that you consume them within 4 weeks of defrosting.

Let’ make a tray bake!

Our bakery team are always thinking of new traybake ideas and delicious traybake recipes. If you have any suggestions for chocolate traybake recipes, gluten free traybakes, healthy traybakes, then we want to hear from you! Simply send in your traybake ideas to bfriars@blackfriarsbakery.co.uk and if we like your recipe, we will feature it on our recipe blog and send you a little treat as a ‘thank you’.

If you fancy having a go at making an easy and quick traybake recipe at home for your family and friends, check out our irresistible ‘Chocolaty Marshmallow and Hazelnut Fudge Brownie’.